Regulator PN 5 without shut-off valve


Regulator PN 5 with shut-off valve


A gas regulator-governor is a device designed to regulate and stabilize gas pressure in a distribution system. There are two main types of gas regulators-governors: with or without shut-off valve.

Both types of gas regulators-governors are designed to adjust the pressure of the incoming gas thus keeping a constant pressure in the outlet. When the inlet pressure increases or decreases, the regulator-stabilizer acts to keep the outlet pressure within the desired limits.

The choice between a gas governor with or without shut-off valve depends on the specific application requirements. For example, in a domestic gas distribution system, where safety is a priority, it is highly recommended to go for a regulator with integrated shut-off valve, to allow a quick and safe interruption of the gas flow in case of emergency.
On the other hand, a regulator without a shut-off valve may be an appropriate choice when there is already a separate shut-off valve in the distribution system or wherever a shut-off valve is not needed

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