Electronic volume convertersand data loggers

The electronic pressure and temperature converter is a legal metrology device used to correct the volumes of gas measured by the meter; conversion is based on the pressure and temperature of the gas entering the meter and with reference to the values used for billing. 

These correctors are commonly used in combination with turbine, rotary and commercial diaphragm gas meter, in order to ensure precise and accurate gas flow measurements. 

The electronic pressure and temperature corrector is designed to measure gas pressure and temperature and to correct the volume of gas measured by the meter accordingly. This is carried out through an algorithm which takes into account any variations in pressure and temperature during gas flow. 

The electronic converter is able to provide a correct gas flow measurement regardless of changes in gas pressure and temperature. This means that, even if the gas flow changes due to variations in pressure and temperature, the electronic corrector is able to provide an accurate measurement of the gas volumes passing through the gas meter. 

The electronic pressure and temperature corrector is an essential device to ensure accurate, reliable and legal measurement of gas flow. 

Metrix Italia offers the most modern and technologically up-to-date “smart” solutions of volume correctors, incorporating a GPRS or NBIOT transmission module and battery operation. When combined with traditional turbine or rotary meters, they allow a smart metering solution also for traditional measuring system equipped with mechanical meters. 

If connected to our Automated Meter Reading and Meter Remote Data Management system, MeterVision, pressure and temperature converters and data loggers allow you to constantly monitor distribution networks and to have precise and reliable measurements for billing. 


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