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Smart Gas Metering

The “Smart Gas metering” concept refers to the use of advanced technologies for the intelligent metering and management of gas consumption and volumes.

The technologies used for smart gas metering are now applied on domestic, commercial and industrial meters, in combination with other smart solutions such as electronic volume converters; these advanced technologies help gas utilities in their transformation process from operators of traditional gas distribution and transport networks to the management of modern smart networks, thanks to several data information coming from field.

The usage of smart metering systems has several advantages: it allows utilities and gas suppliers to monitor the consumption of individual users in real time, with no need to send personnel for on-site meter reading. This simplifies billing and reduces errors in metering consumption, leading to an overall decrease in costs for gas utilities. Moreover the integrated valve allows utilities to optimize management of arrears events.

Furthermore, smart gas meters give end users a higher awareness of their gas consumption. This allows consumers to better monitor and control their energy consumption, with the possibility of taking measures to reduce waste and to improve environmental impact.

An important advantage is also given by the chance to report issues, tampering, fraud or gas leaks automatically, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall safety.

The usage of smart gas metering systems therefore offers higher precision in consumption measuring, a more efficient management of energy resources -thus improving environmental impact and a better consumption awareness by the end users. This helps reduce waste and promote energy efficiency and greater sustainability in the use of gas.

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