Electronic smart volume converter with integrated modem for fiscal applications


Data logger with smart volume converter functions with integrated modem for non-fiscal applications


The MX-3000S/ DL-3000S is an ultra-flat, compact volume converter device with a built-in 2G GPRS (CTR) or NBIOT (DLMS Cosem) modem. 

MX-3000S/ DL-3000S is the latest generation of modern gas volume converters designed for installation in hazardous areas; its efficient processor offers the advantage to combine low energy-consumption with efficient computational performance. 

Its original design allows to fix the converter on commercial and industrial diaphragm, turbine, rotary gas meters and quantometers through specific installation kits, thus integrating the traditional meter with the smart functions of the converter / data logger in a single assembly. 

In the Data Logger version these devices constantly allow to monitor the system by detecting volume, pressure and temperature and recording these values over time to give a constant flow of information of the system.  

These combinations of smart metering with all its information provided from installations allow gas utilities to turn from operators of traditional gas distribution and transmission networks into operators of modern smart networks. 

MX-3000S/ DL-3000S can be applied in the industrial/commercial field to obtain precise and automatic remote consumption and data measurements (correct volumes, pressure, temperature, alarms). This can happen also for single industrial areas or process, to allow maximum efficiency of consumption and costs, energy saving and optimization of environmental impact.  

Transmitting data via modem to the dedicated portal (MeterVision) allows the industrial field to have faster, more simple and cheaper installations compared to traditional systems through cable with dedicated SW and plc. 

Main features