Projects and solutions

An experience of over 40 years of our team in the design and management of gas measurement and regulation solutions for the national and international market, allows Metrix Italia to support and develop special projects of assembled plant solutions, ready for installation and use, according to the specific customers needs.  

The available products range and the technical expertise allow Metrix Italia to provide solutions for civil and industrial installations, with analog products and with the so-called smart devices of latest generation. 

In our projects we introduce and offer solutions for pressure regulation and smart metering of the latest generation, ready to be used with the new green solutions (Hydrogen ready).  Our proposal to distribution companies and industry help them in the transition to new digital and intelligent measurement technologies for the creation of smart networks, thus to ensure efficient and realiable services. In this way they will be ready for the future challenge of the ecological transition with  multigas networks through different green solutions. 

Our proposal is completed with the transmission and management of remote data coming from smart devices installed on field. 

With our projects we also contribute to promote energy efficiency, to reduce waste and to promote higher sustainability in the use of gas. 

All projects are developed in-house and are normally supplied in pre-assembled solutions inside a box or cabinet, ready for installation. 

  • Domestic and commercial regulating boxes 
  • Domestic and commercial regulating and metering boxes  
  • Pressure regulating systems 
  • Pressure regulating and metering systems 
  • Remote control/remote reading systems 
  • Installation and after-sales services

These are just a few examples of how Metrix Italia can professionally support the specific needs of customers.