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We have the experience to support gas utilities

and industrial customers using efficient and safe solutions


Metrix Italia is a company specialized in metering, control and gas regulation

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Offered services:

  • Installation and starting of volume converters and smart meters
  • Turbine and rotary meters service
  • Metrologic check on turbine and rotary meters
  • Training courses on meternig, regulation, and data trasmission
  • Training courses about metering and pressure regulation standards

Metrix Italia offers:

  • Domestic gas measuring and remote data reading devices
  • Commercial/industrial gas measuring for fiscal/non fiscal use
  • Smart meters
  • Electronic data volume correction systems and data trasmission
  • Maintenece, repair, calibrations services of turbine and rotary meters and volume converters
  • Original spare parts
  • Remote data management by cloud computing (Metervision service)
  • Pressure regulators
  • Technical asssitance pre-after sales

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