WT G G4 hybrid mechanical diaphragm smart meter

USM G 1.6-2.5-G4 Smart Meter with Ultrasonic Static Sensor

Smart gas meters for domestic use


A domestic smart gas meter is a device used to measure and monitor gas consumption in a household or building. Unlike traditional meters, smart gas meters are equipped with advanced technology that allows real-time data on gas consumption to be collected and transmitted to a remote management system.

Here are some of the typical features and functionalities of a smart domestic gas meter:

Precise measurement: Smart gas meters use electronic ultrasonic sensors to accurately measure the gas flow passing through. This ensures a more precise reading than traditional mechanical rotation meters.

Connectivity: Smart gas meters come with built-in connectivity such as Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. This allows them to send real-time consumption data to a remote management system, allowing gas suppliers and consumers to monitor consumption and receive regular updates.

Real-time monitoring: Smart gas meters allow you to monitor gas consumption in real time, that can be seen on mobile application, on web portal or displayed in the meter itself.- thus allowing you to take consciousness decisions and optimize energy efficiency.

Alarms and alerts: Smart gas meters are designed to send alarms or alerts in case anomalies are detected, such as exceptional high consumptions or gas leakages.

Smart home system integration: some smart gas meters can be integrated with other smart home devices.

Precise billing: Thanks to accurate measuring and real-time data, smart gas meters enable a more accurate billing. Consumers are charged only for the real consumptions, thus avoiding estimate amounts or misreadings by the gas suppliers.

Main features