MG 90/180

Pressure regulators/governors for gas with/without minimum pressure shut-off with automatic or manual reset


Gas pressure regulators/governors

The domestic gas governor is a device designed to regulate and stabilize the inlet pressure of natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) entering a house, a residential or commercial building. Its main purpose is to ensure that the inlet gas pressure is within safe and operational limits. The domestic gas governor is generally set between the gas supply line and the main gas meter of the building. It works by reducing the gas pressure to a constant, predefined level before the gas enters the building distribution system. This is particularly important since gas pressure might considerably vary in the distribution network due to several factors, such as supply and demand, temperature and piping length. MG 90/180: Designed for domestic application before the gas meter. Available in in-line or square version, it can be equipped with a shut-off valve for minimum pressure. ST 486: Designed for small users, it is equipped with double diaphragm system; it provides higher safety in the event of a failure of the first working diaphragm thus making this product safe and reliable.
Main features