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Gas meters are measuring instruments that are installed to record user consumption by gas distribution companies. Due to this they are designed to be high reliable in measurement. Their quality is approved and ascertained by Notified Bodies who set the CE marking to the products, in accordance to European directives in force (MID, PED, ATEX, RED, etc.)

Thanks to its long experience in the world of fiscal and industrial gas measurement, Metrix Italia offers a complete range of gas meters for civil, commercial and industrial applications: diaphragm, turbine and rotary types that, combined with modern electronic volume converters or in the native Smart versions, turn out to be the most modern solutions for smart gas metering.
We have the safest and most technologically up-to-date solutions for gas metering to let distribution companies perform a reliable and efficient service and industry to carry out timely and precise consumption measurements.
With our products and services we support gas distribution companies and industrial users in the transformation of networks from traditional into smart ones.

Our industrial gas meter range includes:

works by using a diaphragm, which is a flexible membrane, to measure the pressure of the gas passing through it. This causes the diaphragm to move and the movement is measured and converted into digital signal used to calculate the volume of gas that has passed through the meter.

A domestic gas meter is a specialized flow meter, used to measure the volume of fuel gases such as natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas. Gas meters are used at residential, commercial, and industrial buildings that consume fuel gas supplied by a gas utility.

Diaphragm gas meters

The oldest meter is the volumetric diaphragm one which works by measuring the flow of gas through a mechanical volume measurement unit. This type of meter is based on a proven technology that has centuries-old origins; it’s very accurate and reliable, and has been used in the past for most domestic and commercial users.

Rotary gas meter |

Rotary gas meter

These gas meters are based on the principle of rotors, that is counter-rotating “eight-shaped” rotors, inside a cylindrical measuring chamber. They are volumetric meters with high precision and reliability in gas measurement. They shall be combined with modern electronic volume converters for pressure and temperature correction, to ensure the accuracy of data measurement.

Turbine gas meters

Turbine gas meters are generally very accurate and reliable, used in the first and secondary distribution of natural gas. They can be incorporated into pressure regulation units or cabinets and in different industrial applications for gas measurement. They shall be combined with modern electronic volume converters for pressure and temperature correction to ensure the accuracy of data measurement.


They are typically turbine meters for commercial and industrial applications for internal, divisional, departmental gas measurements – however not for legal metrology applications. They are generally cheaper than turbine meters for fiscal use. They can also be combined with modern electronic volume converters for pressure and temperature correction.