Modular smart electronic volume converter

Electronic volume converter |
Electronic volume converter |

ELCOR / ELCORPLUS are modular volume conversion devices of latest generation that are customized with different solutions according to customer needs. They have a compact design and they can be supplied also with integrated modem. 

The electronic pressure and temperature converter is a legal metrologic device used to correct the volumes of gas measured by the meter; conversion is based on the pressure and temperature of the gas entering the meter and with reference to the values used for billing. 

The electronic volume converter is able to provide a correct gas flow measurement
regardless of changes in gas pressure and temperature. This means that, even if the gas flow changes due to variations in pressure and temperature, the electronic corrector is able to provide an accurate measurement of the gas volumes passing through the gas meter.

Its original design allows to fix the converter on commercial and industrial diaphragm, turbine, rotary gas meters and quantometers through specific installation kits, thus integrating the traditional meter with the smart functions of the converter / data logger in a single assembly. 

ELCOR / ELCORPLUS can be applied in the industrial/commercial field to obtain precise and automatic remote consumption and data measurements (corrected volumes, pressure, temperature, alarms). This can happen also for single industrial areas or process, to allow maximum efficiency of consumption and costs, energy saving and optimization of environmental impact.  

Transmitting data via modem to the dedicated portal (MeterVision) allows the industrial field to have faster, more simple and cheaper installations compared to traditional systems through cable with dedicated SW and plc. 

When combined with our remote Automated Meter Reading and Meter Data Management system, MeterVision, our pressure and temperature correctors and data loggers allow you to constantly monitor the system consumption. 

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