Remote control/remote reading system 


Our proposal is completed by the management of remote measurement data, transmitted by smart devices installed on field to our Meter Data Management software systems. 

A reliable and efficient remote management of on-field data is a main need of modern gas utilities that use smart technologies for the management of their distribution networks. 

Metervision is a system designed for the latest generation of smart metering, updated with the latest protocols and transmission technologies. Our system is ready to support the use of new green technologies and it is dedicated to support the automatic reading and on-on field signals like pressure and tempertature by smart meters and smart electronic volume converters. 

Metervision supports the transformation of the world of gas metering through the implementation of smart metering; we help distribution companies and industries in the transition to new digital and intelligent measurement technologies for the set up of smart networks. This step is fundamental to ensure efficient services, ready for the challenge of the ecological transition. 

Metervision is a fast and secure connection system that contributes daily to the efficiency and cost optimization of gas distribution companies; based on cloud technology, it ensures fast connection times, minimum battery consumption and maximum security in data storage; It has been specifically designed to support utilities in the transition to smart technologies by providing maximum operational support with access from any mobile system. 

Metervision not only provides a remote reading service but allows also the complete management of the equipment on-field: 

  • Personal data 
  • Locations 
  • Maintenance 
  • Data storage 

Metervision is a multibrand system (as it supports devices from different manufacturers), multiprotocol (as it supports different transmission protocols like CTR, DLMS, etc ..), and it operates with different transmission systems (RF 169 Mhz, GSM / GPRS, SMS, NBIOT, etc ..). 

Metervision is a strategic partner to support smart projects of the utilities. 

Through our Metervision system we contribute to reducing waste and promoting energy efficiency, and higher sustainability in the use of gas.