ERG-SE with shut-off valve for minimum and maximum pressure

ERG-S with shut-off valve for minimum pressure only

Double stage gas pressure regulator


ERG-SE is a double stage gas pressure regulator with shut-off valve; it grants higher precision and control in gas pressure management in specific applications.

This type of pressure regulator is equipped with two pressure regulating stages: a first and a second stage.

The first stage is designed to control the gas inlet pressure – and its functionalilty is similar to other pressure regulators. The second stage is meant to grant the accuracy and stability of pressure control.

After passing through the first stage, the gas enters the second one, which can be equipped with a shut-off-, and also an overflow valve. The shut-off- and overflow valves can be manually reset; they completely close the gas flow in emergency case or when exceeding the set pressure or flow limits. These safety functions are particularly important in applications where gas flow needs to be interrupted quickly in the event of an emergency or hazardous situation.

Basically, a double stage gas pressure regulator provides more precise and reliable control of gas pressure due to the two control stages and the possibility to shut-off the gas flow completely, if needed. These regulators are often used in civil and industrial applications requiring highly safe and controlled gas pressure management.

ERG-SE is a direct acting double-stage and double-safe gas pressure regulator to be used with natural gas, LPG and non-corrosive gases. It is suitable for both commercial and domestic use, to be installed directly on gas meters with high operational reliability and outlet pressure accuracy.

The modular concept of the ERG-SE together with a wide range of input and output connections, offer a solution to every specific customer need.

The ERG-S version differs from ERG-SE only for the lack of the shut-off valve for maximum pressure.

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