ERG-H5 1” – 1” ½

ERG-H6 DN 50

ERG-H7 DN 50-80

Balanced gas pressure regulators


The pressure regulators H 5-6-7 series are designed to reduce the pressure of natural gas and LPG in civil, industrial and commercial applications, in secondary stations for regulating the pressure of the gas network and in all installations where a rapid response is required (burners, industrial furnaces, boilers, etc.). They are suitable for low, medium and high pressures.

H 5-6-7 series are direct acting gas pressure regulators, with diaphragm control and spring contrast. The balanced shutter design ensures constant calibration as the upstream pressure variations. Designed to provide high precision in regulation, these devices are suitable for the use with pre-filtered non-corrosive gases.

H 5-6-7 pressure regulators series are “top entry” type, which allows operation maintenance without removing the body from the line.

Regulators can be equipped with safety device for the shut-off valve for minimum and maximum downstream pressure.

H 5-6-7 regulators are CE marked and approved according to the European Directive 2014/68/EU (PED) according to EN 334 / EN 14382.

Main features