Gas pressure regulators

Spring and diaphragm gas pressure regulators are devices used to control and regulate gas pressure in gas network distribution, in domestic and industrial applications.
These regulators work through a combination of a spring and a diaphragm to provide a constant and safe outlet pressure.
Pressure regulators are used in distribution networks and for gas appliances in civil and industrial applications requiring controlled gas pressure.
Pressure regulators are designed to ensure a constant gas outlet pressure, regardless of changes in inlet pressure.
This is important to ensure safe and efficient gas pressure operations in different applications. They are widely used in distribution networks, in domestic installations for cooking, heating and to get hot water.
In addition, they are used in regulating units in industrial plants for their production processes and in general in plants where an accurate gas pressure management is needed.
Spring and diaphragm gas pressure regulators are available in different sizes and capacities to suit the specific needs of domestic and industrial applications.
It is essential to use appropriate pressure regulators that comply with safety regulations to ensure safe use of gas.
Pressure regulators are generally available also with optional safety devices to stop gas flow in case of pressure setting anomalies: the shut-off valves for minimum and maximum pressure.
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