Smart solutions for turbine/rotary /diaphragm gas meters


The “Smart Gas metering” concept refers to the use of advanced technologies for the intelligent metering and management of gas consumption and volumes.

Advanced technologies for smart gas metering are now applied also to traditional commercial and industrial gas meters through the combination with smart solutions such as electronic volume converters; combined with the traditional industrial gas meter and they collect consumption, pressure and temperature data; accordingly they provide the correction of measured volumes. They transmit measurement data as well as a wide range of other information such as network signal quality, battery level; besides they send alarms for different anomalies, including fraudulent event. This allow to transform a previously installed commercial/industrial gas meter into a smart metering solution.

The bidirectional communication allows the updating of FW systems over time, allowing technological update and preserving the value of the investment.

These combinations of smart metering with all its information provided from installations allow gas utilities to turn from operators of traditional gas distribution and transmission networks into operators of modern smart networks.

The same solutions can be applied in the industrial / commercial field to obtain precise and automatic remote consumption measurements and other data like corrected volumes, pressure, temperature, alarms. This can happen also for single industrial areas or process, to allow maximum efficiency of consumption and costs, energy saving and optimization of environmental impact.

Transmitting data via modem to the dedicated portal (MeterVision) allows the industrial field to have faster, more simple and cheaper installations compared to traditional systems through cable with dedicated SW and plc.

Main features