Smart gas meter with integrated volume conversion and transmission module

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The “Smart Gas metering” concept refers to the use of advanced technologies for the intelligent metering and management of gas consumption and volumes.

Advanced technologies for smart gas metering are applied also to commercial and industrial meters; PicoELCOR is a range of integrated diaphragm meters of the latest generation with smart functionality and volume correction, based on operating pressure and temperature.

These meters with electronic display combine a volume converter, a data-logger and the transmission modem in GPRS (CTR) and NBIOT (DLMS Cosem) versions with a traditional mechanical volumetric diaphragm gas meter.

Besides its basic functions, they provide additional information such as network signal quality and battery level; they also send alarms for different anomalies, including fraudulent event. This allow to transform also a commercial / industrial user into a smart metering solution.

The bidirectional communication allows the updating of FW systems over time, allowing technological update and preserving the value of the investment.

Power is guaranteed by two independent lithium batteries, one for the metrological part and one for the modem.

The converted volume is calculated based on the precise measurement of temperature and pressure, using the conversion formula PT or PTZ. Pressure and temperature sensors are integrated into the gas meter housing.

These combinations of smart metering with all its information provided from installations allow gas utilities to turn from operators of traditional gas distribution and transmission networks into operators of modern smart networks.

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