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Metrix Italia is a company specialized in measurement, control and gas regulation; the product range and technical expertise are able cover all the needs, from home to industrial installation using the latest generation of smart and analogue products. The offer is completed by the remote management of the data transmitted by field mounted equipment and by the installation services, maintenance, repair and original spare parts. Metrix italia's management has more than 30 years of technical and commercial experience in measuring and gas pressure regulating.
Metrix italia manufactures diaphragm meters and electronic volume converter as well as having a cloud computing service for the remote management of metering data that is at service of gas utilities and private individuals. Metrix italia operates throughout the country and on various foreign markets; has a finished product warehouse and has a equipped laboratory to allow testing and check on meters.
On request, it organizes training courses on measuring, correction and regulation gas, data transmission and standards.


The history

Founded in 2010 thanks to the long experience of management, in a few years it becomes to be one of the market leading companies in terms of commercial and industrial customers.
On 2010 the company began a distributor of apator metrix products.
On 2011 it completes the product range with turbine and rotary meters provided by common and in the same year begins the distribution of electronic volume converter.
On 2012 the sac metervision service for remote data management starts.
On 2013 starts the distribution of elgas branded products (electronic volume converters).
On 2014 the company introduces diaphragm meters integrated by electronic volume converter and by a remote transmitter.
On 2015 metrix becomes one of the market leaders for integrated meters and electronic volume converter
On 2016 the offer is completed with pressure regulators thanks to the distribution partnership with Eska Valves
On 2017 the company decides to acquire a new company headquarter to ensure further development and invest in a start-up in the smart network sector: Sensornet

On 2018 the new company headquarter is operative: the location and a new logistic structure allow to support the new business expansion plans;
activity on foreign markets expands with the acquisition of important orders
On 2020 the company celebrates 10 years since its foundation

Metrix Italia offers:

  • Domestic gas measuring and remote data reading devices;
  • Commercial/industrial gas measuring for fiscal/non fiscal use
  • Smart meters
  • Electronic data volume correction systems and data trasmission
  • Maintenece, repair, calibrations services of turbine and rotary meters and volume converters
  • Original spare parts
  • Remote data management by cloud computing (metervision service)
  • Pressure regulators
  • Technical asssitance pre-after sales
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